“Tangled Hearts” Series

Untangle My Heart (#1 Kate and Edward’s story) – coming in 2014

A hardened woman with a tragic end to her marriage seeks the help of an ex-lover to rebuild her parents’ restaurant and risks opening her heart to love while facing imminent danger from her past.

When her marriage ends in tragedy, Kate DiFrancesco leaves her hometown of Northeast Philadelphia to make a fresh start in NYC. Despite years avoiding emotional attachments, she hasn’t stopped longing for a family. With her parent’s restaurant on the brink of failure and a new opportunity on the horizon, Kate seeks the help of an ex-lover who causes her to question her self-imposed isolation and wonder if she can risk opening her heart once again to love.

Forever in My Heart  (#2 Vicky and Jamie’s story) – WIP

Vicky DiFrancesco has always lived in the shadow of her older sister. After suffering a humiliating divorce, she’s determined to make her new bakery a success on her own and without the help of her family, even if that means doing all the repairs on her own. When Jamie DiSilva returns from the Army to start up his home improvement business, he finds himself shunned by the town due to his late brother’s transgressions. Not until Vicky’s life is threatened and she learns her store may be linked to a mystery involving one of Jamie’s dead brothers does she risk trusting him, despite the warning from her family. Their close proximity draws them closer and reignites the passion they once shared as teenagers. But as time passes and they get closer to solving the mystery, Vicky must decide if she can let go of the past and overcome her own personal fear of commitment.

Book #3 (Nick’s story) – Future WIP

Recently divorced and newly appointed detective, Nick DiFrancesco, finds himself thrust into protecting a high school outcast who’s running from her past.


A Chance for Love (Meghan and Charles’s story) – Completed Single Title Contemporary

A recently laid off Program Manager makes a fresh start working for a successful British architect and must overcome her disillusioned view of love, his spendthrift mother, and a threat from his ex-lover in order to protect his business, his family, and their love.

When Meghan Sullivan becomes a victim of a corporate downsize, she’s faced with looking for a job in a competitive market. When given the opportunity to make a fresh start working for British architect, Charles Weston, she jumps at the chance despite her strong attraction to her new boss and her no dating office workers policy. But when she finally lets her guard down and allows herself to fall for Charles, a family crisis and threat from his ex-girlfriend resurfaces old insecurities, and Meghan must overcome her fear or lose her love forever.

Short Story: Flowers for Emma

Check out my Valentine’s Day short story I wrote for The Violet Femmes blog.