Contest Finalist!

I may not have won the Mega Million, but I got some news that made me feel pretty darn happy. Last Friday afternoon, after finishing a round frustrating conference calls for the day job, my iPhone dinged with a new email. I checked it and was surprised and beyond thrilled to learn my second book, Love’s Second Chance, is a finalist in the Write Stuff Contest, held by the Connecticut Chapter of RWA.

It took me about three times reading the email before the reality really sunk in. Wow! I FINALED!! My FIRST final. YIPEE!! I told my husband and then proceeded to tell my critique partners, family, and friends. I was so excited, my heart pounded and my hands shook.

I’ll find out if my entry won at their conference on May 12th. I signed up for the conference the next day, which I was contemplating attended regardless of the final. And a couple of my CPs are coming with me, which will be a blast. Look out Connecticut, the Femmes are coming!


6 thoughts on “Contest Finalist!

    • Thanks, Joanna. I may have been more thrilled to get this nomination than I would have been to win the MM–hmmm….let me think about that one :-). Great idea about the snippet. I’ll post one next week!

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