One Year Anniversary and Happy New Year!!

Hooray! Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog. Thanks to all who have visited my site and have made comments. At last check, there are 1,007 hits against my page. FANTASTIC!!!

2011 has been a great year and I expect that to continue into 2012. In addition to completing my second novel, I’ve been fortunate to meet a bunch of wonderful friends through NJRW. Together, we’re working to critique our work and improve our craft. Below is a recap of some of what I’m grateful for in 2011:

– My fabulous critique partner, Joanna Shupe, who has saved my butt from my lack of comma sense and helped me tighten my writing

– Fellow Violet Femmes, Michele Mannon and Janet Pepsin, and others from NJRW (Jenna Blue, et al), who are a source of great inspiration and support

– The judges from the 9 contests I entered this year. Although I didn’t final in any this year, I received a lot of useful feedback, which I’ll be incorporating into my stories.

– My NJRW pals who helped co-chair and coordinate categories in NJRW’s Golden Leaf contest. It was a fun experience and I look forward to working with all of you again next year

– My husband, who encouraged me to attend RWA Nationals in NYC

– My friends who listen to me talk about my book and offer plotting advice

– My kids, who think it’s neat that I write, although they won’t be able to read my books until they’re over 18!

It’s been a great year and I look forward to achieving some new goals in 2012.

Here’s hoping you all have a safe and healthy New Year!


2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary and Happy New Year!!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Funny how one blog has turned into two. A few friends have turned into a whole support group cheering you on toward publication. And a conference has opened up so many opportunities. Wishing you the best for 2012! Michele

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