Pushing your limits to meet those dreaded deadlines

I was up late (or early, depending on your perspective) with my preteen daughter and her friends who were sleeping over to celebrate her birthday. As I watched their energy level increase as the night progressed, it made me wish I could have some of that energy at times -well, okay…most times). Earlier in the day, I was talking to a writer friend about pulling late nights to meet a deadline. While neither of us is yet published, we still have deadlines. It may be self-induced, where you’re on a roll with your story and just don’t want to stop writing. It could be that you’re finishing up your WIP in order to send it to an agent, or getting ready for a pitch. Whatever it is, I’m sure all of us have felt that pressure and have tested our limits. For me, Tostitos gets me through the late-night. I’m an early riser, and when I feel the creative juices flowing, I’ll get up before 5 am to start writing.

So, it got me to thinking…what do you do when you’re under pressure to meet a deadline? Do you make a pot of coffee and keep your mug filled all night? Do you have a secret comfort food that helps inspire you to write-and not fall asleep?


4 thoughts on “Pushing your limits to meet those dreaded deadlines

  1. As I see it, it can go one of two ways: 1) Inspiration sets in. Characters stalk your dreams and demand to be heard. Words fly off the pages. Or 2) Fear takes over. That “oh-my-god what have I gotten myself into” moment grips you by the balls . . . in our case, the breasts.Numbed fingers trip over words.

    Coffee, a lot of it, helps. As does tracking your word count and setting smaller, daily achievable goals.

    Then again, there is always #3 – blind panic mixed with inspiration.

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