Making Time

Like many writers, it’s often a challenge to find time to write while juggling a full-time job and a family. But somehow I manage even when it means I drag myself out of bed at 5:00 am to steal an hour or so of writing before my day begins. To help me feel like I’m accomplishing something, and being the data-geek that I am, I’ve started a log to record how much time and words I’m actually completing. So far from the time I started my log earlier this month, I’ve written 9,294 words in just over 20 hours. That’s roughly 465 words per hour, which I think is pretty good considering some nights I can only write 150 words and other nights (like last night) where I wrote a whooping 1,381 words.

So, no matter how insignificant the number of words, they all add up. So keep on writing…


Happy New Year!

Since it’s only the 5th day of the new year, it’s not too late to welcome in 2011 or to set some writing goals I hope to achieve this year. So here goes:

  1. Continue to search for agent representation for A Chance for Love.
  2. Submit A Chance for Love in other writing contests.
  3. Complete writing 2nd book.
  4. Update blog on a regular basis (which I hope to be somewhere between weekly and monthly).
  5. Attend classes that will help improve my craft and learn more about getting published.
  6. Read the backlog of books sitting on my bookshelf (13 for pleasure + 3 about writing) and on my Nook (8 at current count). That’s in addition to the books I’ll download or buy that my favorite authors are writing. I know, this technically isn’t a writing goal but it’s definitely something I will work on this year. It’s a good thing I LOVE to read!

Until my next post…happy writing and reading!